About Us

A Family Owned Business

Mario Veiga first moved to the United States from the Azores in 1971. He had a dream of owning his own business in looking for a better life for himself and his family.

He would soon live his dream through the creation of Mario’s Furniture. Ten years ago, Mario consolidated his business after buying and renovating the former McGoohan’s Furniture store in Spaghettiville. After spending $1 million in renovations, Mario has transformed a decaying building into a new 35,000 square foot store with additional parking and a 7,000 square foot warehouse adjacent to the building. This keeps the store fully stocked to go, with a promise to deliver within 24 hours. 

Veiga and his wife, Maria, have been in business since 1979. They started with a variety store on Concord Street. Three years later, they sold it and took an extended vacation to the Azores, but not before buying a new building on Lawrence Street, where they would soon open Mario’s Furniture.

In 1990, they continued to grow by buying 604 Central Street. for the store and 711 Central Street for a warehouse. Continuing to expand, they lived on 665 Central Street and also added on to the front of the home for a showroom. Living room displays were in the basement, and dining rooms were in the extension in front of the house. They also had a showroom on 598 Central Street. Their move to 953 Gorham Street helped them consolidate their many showrooms into one space.

A family business by nature, Mario and Maria still show up time to time when they are not home enjoying their grandchildren or traveling back to the Azores. The business is primarily run by their son-in-law Kevin Fernandes and their daughters Debbie Fernandes and Nancy Veiga Mattheos-- while they are not practicing locally as dental hygienists. Kevin works as a furniture deliverer as needed in addition to Jose Veiga and Carlos DaSilva.   

Despite the very poor economy business has been “good." Veiga attributes his success to his loyal customers.

We want to thank everyone who visited us in the last 30+ years,

Thank You!